How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint 2010

When sharing a presentation with other people you may experience them calling you up saying that things are not aligned and look funny. This could be the result of you using a font in the presentation they don’t have on their computers. PowerPoint then substitutes your font with one on their system. To avoid this, it is possible to embed the fonts you use in the presentation. That’s what we are looking at today.

The place to find the settings for embedding fonts is in the PowerPoint backstage (the file tab), under “options” on the left side.

PowerPoint Backstage View

After clicking on options a new window opens up, the PowerPoint Options dialog. Click on “Save” on the left side and at the bottom of the window are the settings available for embedding fonts.

PowerPoint Options Dialog

Click the little checkbox next to “Embed fonts in the file”. There are two options; one for embedding only the characters used in the presentation and one for embedding all characters in the alphabet. By choosing the first option it will help to keep the file size down. This can be a good option if the people you are sending the presentation to are not going to edit it. If you are sharing the presentation with someone for them to make edits, then you are probably better off choosing to embed all characters.

PowerPoint Options Dialog Embed Font

And that’s how you embed fonts in your presentation.

Edit Points – PowerPoint 2010

Last week we looked at how to create a perspective or skew an image in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. This week we are looking at how to edit points in shapes and how that is another way of achieving the same thing we did last week but perhaps a bit faster.

Image Credit: asifthebes

Insert Video from Web – PowerPoint 2010

Just a quick look at how you can insert a video into your slide presentation from the Web. In this example I will use YouTube.

First you must find the video you want to insert into your presentation so I went to YouTube and picked a random video I found. (You can click on the image to see a bigger version.)

Screenshot of YouTube video

Copy the embed code as highlighted in red in the screenshot above.

Back in PowerPoint, find the slide you want the video inserted on and go to the Insert tab and click on Video. Choose Video from Web site….

Insert Video in PowerPoint

A new window will pop-up. Past the copied embed code and click insert.

Insert or Paste Embed Code

The video will show up on the slide.

Video Inserted on Slide

How to remove background from image in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

A quick look at how to remove the background from an image in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. This feature was updated and expanded in the 2010 version of PowerPoint.