Lost in the Cloud

As you all know there hasn’t been too much activity here in the last year. As some of you may also know I have created a dozen screencasts or so and posted them here. I used an online service called ScreenToaster. I had created a screencast a long time ago that I never published and today I was going to post it. I had created the draft blog post a long time ago, basically all I needed to do was hit publish. As usual I previewed it before to make sure everything looked good…And it didn’t. Strange, I thought and tried going to www.screentoaster.com but there was nothing. Was the site down? I googled to see what I could find and there it was, ScreenToaster shut down last year.

Woot!! I don’t remember ever having gotten an email about this. It might have ended up in my spam. But what about all my screencasts I had stored on ScreenToaster. Where are they now?

Luckily for me when I created all the screencasts, ScreenToaster provided me with the option to download the .mov file, which I did. My screencasts were not lost, they are safe and sound on my personal hard drive.

Cloud services are great, but what happens to your content if the service shuts down.

The question is: Do you trust the cloud?