The idea for this blog sprung out of my passion for presentations and I had this idea to create a “slideblog”. The idea was to make every blog post a slideshow just like in a videoblog every blog post is a video.

Since the start of this blog I have learned a great deal more about presentations and presentation design. I have decided that I want to devote a great deal of my life to make people aware of the power a great presentation can have. Too many presentations do not reach their potential and this blog will be a resource for people to learn about how to create great presentations and become more aware.

My goal is:

To create a movement of presentation aware people through examples, ideas, inspiration, knowledge and education.

This blog is no longer just “perhaps the first slideblog in the world” but it is a blog about “Presentation Awareness”

This blog is divided into several different categories each with a different angle covering a large range of topics needed to make great presentations. I hope to continue to add more categories and below is a description of the current ones.


SlideBlog Tips & Tricks
SlideBlog Tips and Tricks Logo

SlideBlog Tips & Tricks contains screencasts and articles with different Tips & Tricks related to all aspects of presentations such as using different types of software and tools or how-tos.

Before & After
Before & After is discussion some principle, idea or process then showing a before picture and an after picture. So what it looks like before applying the principle and what it looks like after. Most likely what a slide would look like before & after some transformation but could be used for processes as well. Perhaps even others. We will see.

Speaking is about tips & tricks for how to become a better public speaker.