Before-After: Asymetry

When arranging elements on a slide it is very common to go with a symmetrical design where all elements are placed in a symmetrical fashion such as center aligned on the slide. This is seen in the “Before” slide below. This is okay but very common and lacks impact and excitement.

Another way to arrange the elements is in an asymmetrical fashion or with asymmetrical balance. This happens when contrasting elements are arranged in such a way that the weight of the whole visual still appears balanced. This can be seen in the “After” slide below.

Assymetrical balance among elements can be an effective way to guide viewers through the design.


Before - Symmetrical Balance


After - Asymmetrical Balance

Source: Garr Reynolds Presentation Zen Design

Image Sources: Gastonmag & krits

Slides Reuse Feature PowerPoint 2010

It has been too long since I have posted and for that I apologize. I didn’t take the time to post while on vacation in Norway. Anyway, I am back and today’s blog post is about the “Slides Reuse” feature of PowerPoint 2010.

Sometimes you may want to reuse a particular slide from another presentation you made before. Instead of having to open this presentation and copy/paste the slide from one presentation to the other, you can use the built in “Slide Reuse” feature of PowerPoint.

1. While working on a presentation in Normal view, be sure that you are looking at the “Slides” tab in the left hand side and click between the slides where you want to insert a slide from another presentation.

PowerPoint Presentation

2. On the “Home” tab, click on the little arrow (the bottom part) of the “New Slides” button in the “Slides” group. In the drop-down choose “Reuse Slides” at the bottom.

Insert New Slide

3. The Slide Reuse pane will open on the right side of the window. You will have the option to insert a slide from another presentation or from a slide library. Here we will use another PowerPoint file.

Reuse Slides Pane

4. Browse to the presentation that contains the slide you want to reuse. Click “Open”.

Browse for Presentation

5. All the slides from this presentation shows up in the Slide Reuse pane on the right side.

Slide Reuse Pane with Open Presentation

6. Click on the slide you want to insert. The slide is inserted in between the slides you chose in 1.

Presentation with Inserted Slide

You can click on another slide if you want use more slides from this presentation or browse to a different presentation or just close the Slide Reuse pane to continue working on your presentation.