Your body has something to say: Body Movement

Whenever we speak in front of an audience the way we use our body can have an impact on how well we are able to communicate our message. This is the non-verbal communication part of speaking. Today we will be looking at one of the things we can do with our body and how it can help us get our message across to our audience.

Body Movements

Body movement is to change your position or location during a speech; moving around. This is a very broad and highly visible non-verbal communication. Because of this it can be very powerful; a real asset or a real liability. Body movement can reinforce what you say. For example if you are talking about getting close to someone you can move your body closer to the audience.

Body movement can attract audience attention. Since body movment is so broad and visual it is sure to attract people’s attention if you move around a lot. Body movement can also help you burn up nervous energy and release physical tension.

However, body movement can also be a liability. If you move in a way that is inconsistent with what you are saying it will be confusing for the audience. For example if you are talking about getting close to someone but you move away from the audience. This is inconsistent and confusing.

One rule is: Don’t move without a reason. Moving without a reason or randomly will attract attention and your audience will likely search for meaning in your movement. This will distract their attention away from your spoken words. By moving with your spoken words you will attract attention and alertness from your audience and enhance what you are saying.

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