How to save slide as image in PowerPoint 2010

Did you know that you can save one or more slides as images in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. It is actually pretty easy.

You can either save all slides as images at the same time or do one slide at a time. Let us start by looking at how to save all slides at the same time.

1. Open the SlideShow you want to save as images

Open SlideShow

2. Go to the “File” tab (backstage) and click on “Save As”

File - Save As

3. A Save As dialog box will show up. Browse to the folder where you want the images to be saved. At the bottom click on the drop-down menu “Save As Type:”.

Save As Dialog

4. Scroll down to the type of image format you would like

  • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
  • JPEG (File Interchange Format)
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics Format)
  • TIFF (Tag Image File Format)
  • BMP (Device Independent Bitmap)
  • WMF (Windows MetaFile)
  • EMF (Enhanced Windows MetaFile)

Save As File Type

5. Choose “File name” and click “Save”

Save As File Name

6. A new dialog shows up asking with 3 buttons: “Every Slide”, “Current Slide Only” or “Cancel”. Since we are saving all slides in the SlideShow as images we choose “Every Slide”

Save As Every Slide Dialog

7. A confirmation message shows up telling us that all our slides have been saved as a separate image. Click “OK”.

Save As Confirmation

If we go to the folder shown in the confirmation message, the same one we choose in step 3, we will see a new folder with the “File name” we provided in step 5. Inside this folder will be one image file for each slide in our presentation.

All Images In Folder

If you only wanted to save one of your slides as an image just choose “Current Slide Only” in step 6. You will then have the opportunity to name the file something of your choosing. This as opposed to when saving all slides the names of the files will be “SlideX” where X is the slide number.

This is a really neat feature if you want to post an image of a slide or a whole SlideShow on your blog or online. It can also be used if you make a nice drawing or diagram in PowerPoint that you want to use in a page layout software for a brochure or magazine. There are probably many more times when saving your slides as image files can be useful. How do you use this feature?

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  1. I have used this feature for a long time but what I’m trying to figure out how is where I can change the settings of how large the outputted images are. I am working with a coworker on a Mac and she has a setting in her preferences called “save slides as graphic files” and she can set the resolution of those files. I cannot find the same (or similar) feature in the PowerPoint 2010 Options. Any ideas?

  2. I want to save, or otherwise prepare, a single slide, including the notes page, to send to a colleague via e-mail. Only way I’ve found so far is to copy the slide into a new presentation named, for example, “slide12.ppt”. There must be a better way.

  3. @Mike If I understand correctly you want to send someone one slide from an existing presentation including the notes pages. Does the one slide need to be a powerpoint file or can it be a pdf file. That is, what is the receiving party going to do with the slide. If a pdf is fine you should be able to print the one slide including the notes page to a pdf file.

    If it has to be a powerpoint file I think the way you describe it is the only other way.

  4. Convert all slides to jpeg method described here does not work on MAC. It only saves one slide at a time. Have you figured it out how to use it on MAC ? It will save a lot of time and manual work. Thanks,

  5. I only have PowerPoint for Mac 2011 so not sure this applies to older versions. In my version there is a “Save as pictures” option on the File menu right under the “Save as” option. This saves all the slides as images in a folder you specify.

  6. If you need to save all PowerPoint slides in a presentation along with the Notes at the bottom of each slide (say, in a landscape format one slide per page with notes at the bottom), the way I found was to first convert the PPT presentation into Adobe PDF.

    Use Print to PDF, with Adobe PDF as your printer, and “Notes Pages” selected for the layout (under “Slides”). Then the PDF file of slides + notes can be converted to JPGs, one JPG file per slide + notes, using Adobe Acrobat Pro, with Save As JPG file type.

    Now all your slides + notes are in JPGs which Word can’t mess with!

  7. I have been given a slide deck to edit that came to me and each slide appears to be one image. If you right click the whole slide manipulates like a picture. How can I return these to normal presentation slides and edit the data on them???

  8. If each slide has a picture on it then I don’t think there is a way to edit that. You would have to get the files or information that those images were created from.

  9. How do I save multiple slides that may not be in consecutive order? Do I have the option to save 52 slides of a 59 slide presentation?

  10. How do you right click on a touch screen with the keyboard on the screen like a tablet to save multiple slides of one presentation and rename the new saved presentation?

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