Before-After: Align Heading and Sub-Heading

This is really just a quick reminder to always align things in a structured way and not place items/objects randomly on your slides. In this example we have a larger main heading and a smaller sub-heading. In the Before and After below it makes sense to align both headings on the left edge. I also adjusted the character spacing on the main heading so that the two headings also aligns on the right edge. This creates an invisible square and both headings appear together like a unit. It creates better unity and harmony on the slide.

I used drawing guides to help me with the alignment of the text. There are also alignment tools in PowerPoint you can use.

The main point is, don’t place objects randomly. Place them with purpose and use alignments to help you do that.


Before - No Heading Alignment


After - Headings Aligned

Image Credit: asifthebes

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